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Writing a report - Year 5 & 6

Children in Year 5 and 6 were all witnesses to a 'crime scene' at Lakenheath Primary School. When Mrs Bell ran in to the hall to tell Mr Tingey his car window had been smashed, the children took photos, interviewed witnesses and used all the skills they'd be learning about..

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Maths with Year 6

Who says revision has to be boring? Some children in Year 6 have been busy revising their Maths by completing Escape Rooms and drawing on tables.      

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Indoor Bowls taster

Some children from Y5/6 were invited to attend a taster session at Lakenheath Indoor Bowls Club. They spent the afternoon learning new techniques and having lots of fun. They really progressed as the afternoon went on and in the final competition Olivia managed to get her bowl closest to the..

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