KS1 Class information - 19/02/2018

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It is a new school year and new start in Key Stage One!

As the three Key Stage 1 classes are now mixed with Year 1 and 2, we have had to adapt our teaching strategies to meet the needs of the pupils. Because of this, we have made the decision to teach both year groups separately during their Maths and English lessons. However, this is a flexible arrangement as it will also depend on the content of the lessons as in some lessons the pupils will be taught altogether!

In order to allow for the teachers to teach them separately, we have started to provide the children with ‘continuous provision’. A simple explanation on this means that whilst the Year 2’s are being taught, the Year 1’s will be in their ‘Learning Zones’ (continuous provision). Each ‘Zone’ will have a specific subject and learning focus and will link back to their learning from the week before. This idea of continuous provision is to give the children the opportunity to apply what they learnt the week before and complete challenges more independently.

The separate teaching time for the pupils with the teacher allows the teacher to have more one-toone time with each individual child and provides the opportunity to give them instant feedback. It also allows the teacher to tackle individual misconceptions quickly as well as move them on swiftly.

Any questions regarding this, please ask Ms Harvey.