Owl Summer Term - 13/05/2019

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During Summer Term, children will be discovering the outdoors through many different aspects of learning. The Year 3 children attended an amazing school trip to The School Farm and Country Fair, where they were exploring different life form, jobs and procedures happening on farms. This corresponded well with the children’s new Science topic of Living things and their habitats. The children have been learning about The Wild West and will have the opportunity to experience a Wild West themed day where they can dress up and can participate in a variety of activities.

English- the children have been digging deep into Africa, and have been learning and writing their very own traditional tales. Using Tinga Tinga tales as a focus, children have been constructing their own characters, storylines and problems in Narrative writing. Following this, the children will exploring Explanation Texts which will include links to their topic of The Wild West.

Maths- Across the variety of Maths groups, the Year ¾ children have been learning about Decimals, Time and Fractions. Further into the Summer term, the children will indulge in units such as Shape, Money and Capacity. The children have also had a strong focus on times tables, where they complete an online assessment on a weekly basis to really push the learning of these.

Science- In science the children have been learning about Living things and their habitats. In this topic, children have been able to group animals in different ways, explore the similarities and differences of living things, understand how to classify an animal through Key questionnaires and observing local habitats and their environment.

Topic/Art - In the Summer term, the Topic focus is on The Wild West. The children will begin to learn about the geography of The Great Plains, and where the Native Americans ventured. They will learn about the history of the Wild West, what happened to the Native Americans and will identify the roles and life of cowboys. Through Art and DT, they have been creating Dream Catchers, designing an Iroquis Mask and modelling a Prairie Schooner.

PE – This term’s focus has been mainly taught outdoors and the children have been learning about the Rounders. Children have been learning the importance of throwing and catching, fielding in a game situation and looking at the different aspects of tactics in Rounders.