Owl Year 3 - Farm Fair Trip - 13/05/2019

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On the 25th April all the Year 3 children had the opportunity to attend a trip to a Farm Fair at Trinity Park, Ipswich. The children had a fantastic time and got to learn about living things and their habitats, what life was like on the farm, and experience many different aspects of this. The day begun by the children finding out about the honey making process, they even got to try some! They also were able to hold live lobsters, and peel and eat fresh prawns. After Lunch, the children got to spend some time with and touching a variety of animals including cows, sheep, beagles and pigs. The children had a great time holding chicks and ducklings and came home determined to have some at school! Finally, the children watched a police – dog display, demonstrating how they are used on the streets, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Overall it was an amazing experience for which the children will always remember.