Year 5 & 6 Report writing - 04/04/2019

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Children in Year 5 and 6 were all witnesses to a 'crime scene' at Lakenheath Primary School. When Mrs Bell ran in to the hall to tell Mr Tingey his car window had been smashed, the children took photos, interviewed witnesses and used all the skills they'd be learning about writing in a formal, impersonal style to produce a police report.    


Here is one of the reports....


Author: Harry W, Year 6

On Wednesday 27th April 2019, a car window was smashed and an iPad stolen in Lakenheath Primary School car park. The suspect (who is believed to be called Ryan) had short, shaved hair on the sides and long, curly, brown hair on his head. He was wearing Nike Air Max 270 (black and white); dark blue coat and dark blue tracksuit-style trousers. He was believed to be carrying a large, black bag (as spotted on CCTV).

At 10:15, June Fox (a member of staff) opened the gates to leave the premises. Having driven off, she forgot to close the gates behind her. Shortly after, a white van (IVECO) pulled up on the school site. It is suspected that the perpetrator used something out of his bag to break the window of the car. Some witnesses claimed that he used his hand; others thought he had used his elbow. Finally, the suspect escaped, at speed, narrowly avoiding a collision with June Fox as she returned onto the school site.

At 10:31, Mrs Bell (a member of the office staff at LCPS) spotted the suspect on CCTV, called the police and alerted Mr Tingey (deputy head teacher at LCPS) to whom the car belonged.