Year 5/6 - 10/03/2020

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Trip to Kalsec

Who knew that so much goes into producing food on an industrial scale? Children from Lakenheath Community Primary School were invited to visit Kalsec Europe based in Mildenhall as part of a STEM (science, technology, mathematics and engineering) programme. The children, who are all able mathematicians and scientists, experienced the world of work and were given opportunities usually out of reach of the average Year 6 student. ‘This place is awesome!’ said one.

Kalsec at Mildenhall is the European centre for a leading global producer of natural spice and herb flavourings for some of the biggest names in the food industry. The scale of the production is impressive. The children were taken through the whole process of this high-tec environment from signing in and meeting the Managing Director in the boardroom to the importance of biosecurity of the production and innovation processes. They were taught how flavours work and then were given the chance to actually design and produce their own flavour of crisps under close supervision of the innovation and marketing team at Kalsec.

Visits like this are invaluable for young people so see what they are aiming for in life. We are very grateful to Kalsec for all their time today, the children learned so much about how science is applied in the real world.