Mission Statement

At Lakenheath Primary School:

  • We have a positive and purposeful learning community
  • We have an inclusive environment which fosters trust and respect
  • We have an engaging and exciting curriculum within which adults and children thrive
  • We love limitless learning and always challenge ourselves wherever we are
  • We have high aspirations and we feel empowered to have the passion and pride to become life long, independent learners

Together, in partnership with our community, we are confident, feel safe and valued and have high levels of self-esteem

Our Core Values - The 6 Rs


Self-motivated, in a learning zone, show initiative, be creative, find alternative solutions


Kindness, tolerance, honesty, friendship


Courage, learn from mistakes, challenge, be prepared to be in the learning pit


Confidence, perseverance, determination and self-belief


Self- awareness, open-minded, inquisitive, thoughtful, aspirational


For ourselves, each other, our work, our environment