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Raccoon Class - EYFS


We help the children to learn through playing, exploring and being active. This means children will take part in a range of fun, practical activities; some of which are adult led, some guided by adults and some will be child-initiated.

We follow the EYFS (Early Year Foundation Stage) Framework which explains how and what your child will be learning. It is very flexible so it can be adapted to the children’s needs and interests

Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning. All are vital and inter-connected.

The 3 Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Communication and Language.

Physical Development

The 4 Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive arts and design

The time in the classroom that is not spent listening on the carpet or completing individual or group tasks is called busy learning. Children are born with a natural desire to explore and learn and we can support them in this. We do this by creating an enabling environment and through the relationships and interactions that the children experience. We remain ‘in the moment’ with the children as they explore and learn. We observe carefully and enhance the learning whenever we spot a ‘teachable moment’. Our observations, interactions and the outcomes are recorded afterwards. We strive to ensure our environment is equipped to meet the needs, interests and stages of development of each individual child.

We also love to observe HOW your child learns. Whether they persevere and show determination or explore to find their own methods and concepts…….

We value the diversity of each and every child in our care and celebrate their differences and individual characters!

Early years isn’t all about reading, writing and maths. We have a broad and balanced curriculum.

Children will have regular opportunities to experience

  • Forest Schools
  • PE- (Weekly from January)
  • We cook linked to current interests and themes as ask for voluntary donations from parents to fund these experiences.
  • Children will take part in weekly music sessions and take part in a Christmas performance.
  • We visit the computer room regularly and children are expected to login and independently use programs.
  • Previous year groups have always enjoyed caring for our garden. We plant seeds and bulbs, weed and water, children take real responsibility.
  • The year flies by and the progress and development that occurs is overwhelming!
  • We look forward to us all being part of this fantastic journey!
What we have been doing - 
We all had a great time at the puzzle workshops, showing great resilience and relationship skills.
We have been learning about plants and gardening. We are growing some peas, and thinking about how we can recycle items as plant pots. We have also  been designing our own gardens.