Welcome to Lakenheath Community Primary School

Ocelot Class - Year 1&2


Spring Term

We have had a busy Spring term in Ocelot class. The pictures in our camera roll include making pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, a trip to South Angle Farm, a visit from a variety of African animals, developing our jumping techniques, learning how to peel, cut and grate in preparation of making a healthy kebab, and a belated celebration of Chinese New Year – including a chopstick challenge!

Summer Term
After watching a video of astronauts returning to Earth we decided to become scientists and discover the best material to put in the descent module which will protect the astronauts inside. We had to ensure it was a fair test and used an egg to represent each astronaut. Unfortunately not all of the 'astronauts' survived this investigation. Those wrapped in polystyrene, screwed up paper or sponges made a safe landing! 

Welcome to the Ocelot Class Page.

 Ocelot class has a mix of children from years 1 and 2 and is taught by Mrs Locke, Mrs Tingey and supported by Ms Bellingham. Each Thursday afternoon Mrs Constable and Mrs Palmer teach the class. 


English: We use the Power of Reading scheme to base our learning from in English.  Varied writing tasks are set every week which are connected to the books we study in class. Some of these books include: Rabbit and Bear, The Secret Sky Garden, Meerkat Mail, One Day on our Blue Planet in the Savannah, Lilah and the Secret of Rain, Traction Man.

Lesson time is put aside each day to teach spelling and grammar which are important elements of the year 1/2 curriculum and we also put a strong emphasis on handwriting across the curriculum and specifically teach at least three times each week.  Each child is given a new set of spellings each week to learn and practise at home for a spelling test each Friday. 


Reading: During our daily phonic session, there is time specifically for reading a decodable reading book which links to the current letter sounds we are learning/practising. Each child will work with an adult at least once a week. We will also be sharing a class book.

Each child will bring home a selection of reading books to share at home. Please sign their reading record when you have heard your child read at home. These books are changed once a week. If your child would like them changed more frequently they can ask their teacher. 

Accelerated Reader is used for those children who are ready for a challenge with longer texts that contain more non-decodable words. Accelerated Reader is able to assess your child’s reading age and then recommends suitable books for them. Time is given during lessons for the children to take quizzes when they finish books using an online program. 


Maths: Our Maths work follows the White Rose Maths scheme. If you would like to find out what your child is learning at any point in the year, all the teaching blocks are on the school website. Each child as a login to use Numbots at home. This online program consists of short games that help to develop a core understanding of maths from an early age.


Science: We complete a weekly science lesson where knowledge and scientific skills are developed through enquiries and experiments. Please see our Science curriculum page on the school website for the areas of Science we cover.


PE: We have two sessions of PE during the week on Mondays and Thursdays. Children are expected to come into school wearing their PE kit. Please see our PE curriculum page on the school website for the areas of PE we cover. 


Computing: We currently follow the ‘Switched on Computing’ scheme which involves lots of independence and technical skills that are developed through fun tasks which build on prior learning during our weekly session in the ICT suite. Please see our Computing curriculum page on the school website for the areas of Computing we cover.


Topics: Our Year 1/2 curriculum has a humanities (Geography or History) focus. We have a two year rolling cycle and our topics include:


Cycle A: (2020-21 / 2022-23)

The Great Fire of London – A historical study focussed on the events of 1666.

Our Local Area – A geographical study where we make investigations into Lakenheath and the area that we live in.

The Four Seasons and Weather Patterns – A study into the different types of weather, cloud formation, weather forecasts and extreme weather around the world.

Within Living Memory – A historical study focussing on how life has changed in our homes over the years; including how we wash clothes, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, photographs and how we cook.

Cycle B: (2021-22 / 2023-24)

Mary Anning - A historical study focusing on the contributions this signification person had with the discovery and understanding of dinosaurs and fossils.

Where In the World - A geographical study focusing on where Lakenheath is in relation to the United Kingdom, learning key facts such as the seven continents and five oceans.

Sensational Safari - A geographical study focusing on life in Kenya and how it is the same and different from life in Lakenheath.

Great Scientists and Explorers – A focus on Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.

The History of Transport – How has transport changed over the years? From Viking Longboats to cars, bikes and trams – has it improved and to what cost on our environment?


We are always available at the beginning or end of the school day if there are any concerns you have about your child. Alternatively, you are welcome to email lucie.locke@lakenheath.suffolk.sch.uk or you can ring the school office to make an appointment.

Mrs Locke teaches Monday-Thursday lunchtime.

Mrs Constable and Mrs Palmer teaches Thursday afternoon.

Mrs Tingey teaches Fridays.