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Jaguar Class - Year 5&6


Welcome to the Jaguar Class Page
Jaguar class has a mix of children from years 5 and 6 and is taught by Mr Tingey and Miss Mullings with support from our Teaching Assistant Mrs. Merrill.

English Our English work come from the Power of Reading scheme. Varied writing tasks are set every week which are connected to the book we are currently reading. Lesson time is put aside each week to teach spelling and grammar which are important elements of the year 5/6 curriculum. Each child is given a new set of spellings on Fridays to learn for a dictation test the following week. Their home school communication diaries will be checked during the week to ensure they are taking the time to write them out and learn them.

Maths Children from Jaguar class are split for Maths lessons to ensure they are taught at an appropriate level and all gaps in learning are addressed. If you would like to find out what your child is learning at any point in the year, all the teaching blocks are on the school website.

PE We have two sessions of PE during the week (Usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays). When the weather is good, both will be outside.

Reading Group reading comprehension sessions take place during the week and each child will work with an adult at least once a week. We will also be reading to the class from a book which fits well with our current topic.

Accelerated Reader is used for Reading in year 5/6. It is able to assess your child’s reading age and then recommends suitable books for them. Daily sessions are set aside each day in school for silent reading and for the children to take quizzes when they finish books. We would still like your child to read at home at least five times a week and hand in their communication diary, signed by you each day.

Topic Our current topic is ‘Benin’ and the children will be looking at this Ancient Civilisation and the geography of this African country.

Art/DT In Art and DT we will be completing projects that link with our Benin topic.

Science Our first topic this term is ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. Hopefully the weather will allow us to take some of this learning outside. We will also be moving on to study animals including humans where children will learn about human reproduction. More information about the content of this will be sent to parents nearer the time.

Homework – is set each week and is due back on the following Tuesday. Children who are unable to complete and hand their homework in on time will attend homework club on Wednesday lunchtimes to complete this work. As well as spellings, times tables and reading, homework consists of a piece of written work or research which relates to the learning taking place in school. Thank you for ensuring your child completes their homework each week.


Please note that children’s mobile phones should not be switched on when on school premises. They will be collected in by class teachers at the start of the day, locked in the office, and then returned to them as they leave school.

Your child’s diary is a quick and easy way to communicate with me, if you wish. We are always available at the end of school if there are any concerns you have about your child or you can ring the school office to make an appointment.

Mr Tingey and Miss Mullings
Happy Puzzle company
On Wednesday we were visited by the puzzle company who challenged us to work as a team to solve a series of puzzles. Most of the tasks appeared easy when they were given out but we soon realised they needed thinking about and most things took a while to solve.  The children had a fun time working on the projects and got a great sense of achievement when they solved each one.